Homestead Farms
Est. 1992

  Christmas Season       
The Christmas experience is like none other at Homestead Farms. We invite everyone to come and enjoy the warmth and spirit of Christmas with us. We provide the ultimate Christmas tree cutting service from the moment you arrive until you leave. We are committed to making this experience a must-do tradition for your whole family. 
 Wagon Rides
​We would like to make your experience getting your tree as convenient as possible. To do that, we offer FREE wagon  rides down to the field. The wagons are pulled by beautiful work horses or driven by one of our friendly staff members in a tractor. 

Christmas Trees   Balsam Fir or Fraser Fir
When your family arrives on Saturday, they are greeted by our helpful staff. Someone will explain the process of picking out a tree, cutting and pricing before you get off the wagon. Every tree in our field is for sale. Once you've picked your tree a helpful staff member will cut, drag and bag the tree for you. Your family will get back on the wagon and be brought back to the farmstand. 

 Regular trees will be $85 this year. Trees in our premium section are $100. These trees are taller and fatter than the others in our plantation. If your interested, please ask an employee to show you where to go! You can pay with cash or check in the field or pay with cash, check or credit card at the farmstand. You must present your payment ticket to the staff member helping you with your tree once you've arrived back at the farmstand. 
Farm Stand
Once you've arrived back at the farm stand, our staff will help you fasten your tree to your vehicle. You must pay for your tree before it gets put onto or in your vehicle. 

We will also have a variety of our fresh homemade doughnuts for sale inside the farmstand. We ask that if you wish to put in a large order (3 dozen or more) that you do so before you leave to cut your tree. This will allow time to put it together and cut down on large crowds in the farmstand and greenhouse. 

Fresh  Balsam Wreaths
We have fresh balsam wreaths for sale as well. The wreaths are carefully made by a local florist and our staff uniquely decorates each one by hand. We also offer undecorated wreaths as well. 
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Savior

​Christmas Season 2022

November 25th

November 26th
cut-your-own and assisted cutting

December 1st
 pre-cut and premium cut-your-own only

December 2nd
pre-cut and premium cut-your-own only

December 3rd
pre-cut and premium cut-your-own only

**​all dates are subject to availability** 

Cut Your Own
We are allowing our customers the opportunity to cut their own tree on Thursday's and Fridays as well as on Saturday's. We have saws for you to borrow, please leave your saw at home. 
Pre-Cut Trees
We are offering our own pre-cut trees this year. There will be several sizes available. The cost of our pre-cut trees are $85. These trees will be for sale Dec. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 
We have been experiencing record sales over the past several years. The dates we are open are subject availability. We believe in creating and maintaining a sustainable plantation and in doing so, our season may be shorter than anticipated